• Q: Why does it cost so much?
    • A:There are lots of middlemen. Lots of agencies (both governmental and private). There are lots of steps to take.
      Lots of preparations. Document translation (English to Russian and Russian to English). Home study fees. Immigration fees. Passports...
      The list is long.
    • Q: Why don't you adopt from the United States?
    • A:We believe that God brought Yuri into our lives. We didn't go looking for him.
    • Q: Would it be cheaper getting a child from the US?
    • A:Not necessarily. It is only marginaly more to go international at the most
    • Q: Why Russia?
    • A:We have had a heart for children in Russia for some time. That is not to say we don't feel for children from other places. Ever since we had seen a report on 20/20 some years ago depicting the conditions of Romanian orphanages, our hearts and thoughts have been over there. There are plenty of children in the world who need help. If you have a passion for children from another location - go for it!
    • Q: When do you expect to have Yuri home?
    • A:We don't 'expect' him at any particular time but we'd like to have him here by Christmas 2007. That is our goal.
    • Q: How can I help?
    • A:There are a number of ways to help. Here are some examples:
      Pray - Pray that where ever Yuri is at the moment, he is surrounded by people who love him and will care for him.
      Pray that any forces that are trying to get in the way of this process would be blocked.
      Serve - I will definately be needing help this summer running the fireworks tent. Contact me for details. Pray that lots of people come out and buy.
      Give - Please prayerfully consider donating to this adoption. If you are moved to give and decided to do so, what you give and how much is between you and God.
    • Q: Why don't you just take out a loan?
    • A:After prayer, fasting, council and some careful research, it appears that God does not look favorably on borrowing money. There are many passages of scripture that speak on borrowing and lending but it is never in a good way. It does not seem reasonable that God would have us borrow (something He doesn't think highly of) in order to accomplish his will (or something He thinks highly of such as caring for widows and orphans).

      Additionally, I am now convinced more than ever that had we taken out a loan to adopt Yuri, other people would not have had the opportunity to share in this venture and God would not have been glorified. We would have stolen His thunder and glorified ourselves.
      'Look what we did' !