• 8/13/2011 9:37:25 PMAfter InsanityAlbert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Sooner or later most sentient beings will come to the conclusion that something is amiss.  What happens then?

    Let's say there is a certain kid whose main stated goal in life is to control everyone else.  Not just control them - but also control any and all information that is passed around, among, between, and known by everyone.  They want to be the only one who knows the truth of what is going on.  They want to win and be the best at everything - including things they know nothing about.  Additionally, they want to command the respect of everyone -  even if they have to lie or cheat to get it.  Everything is viewed in terms of wins and losses where getting what you want or being right (or appearing to be right) is a win and anything else is considered wrong and is a loss.

    But they are continuously frustrated because all of the plans to realize their dreams always fail and they are always getting punished for what seems to be unknown reasons that don't seem to be their fault or within their control.  In fact, most of their problems are the result of other people foiling their plans or seeking revenge.  Just like the definition of insanity, they repeatedly try the exact same approach to achieve their heart's desire and are repeatedly disappointed by the exact same results.  This puts them into a state of despair where they hate their own life.  Nothing works out like they want.

    What's worse is that their mom and dad keep telling them that they are making a lot of enemies, wasting valuable time and basically flushing their life down the toilet.  In fact, if they continue on this path it will result in either imprisonment or their own death.  The kid is so angry about everything and especially these unsolicited parental words that they would like to kill themselves just to get all of the anguish of life over with quickly so they won't have to suffer any longer.  But if they kill themselves, then mom and dad will be right.  If Mom and Dad are right then this of course means that the kid by default is automatically wrong.  Being wrong (aka losing) is worse than death.  Suicide is no longer a viable solution.

    On the other hand, mom and dad also keep saying that they could turn their life around at any time and they would be much happier.  In fact, everyone would be much happier.  This also is not a viable option for two reasons:  1) the kid is very lazy and change requires work plus time.   Since we all know that yesterday never happened and tomorrow never comes, the inclusion of time makes changing impossible.   2) if the kid actually does change and things do get better like mom and dad said, then again - the parents are right and the kid is wrong.  Again – this is worse than death.

    So the kid won't kill themselves and won't change so they are seemingly stuck between a rock and a hard spot in life.  They resign themselves to the idea that the only thing left to do is make everyone around them feel miserable just like they do.  Somehow achieving this feels like a win.  Maybe.

    Can you imagine living with a person who thinks like this?

    I can.